Who is this mad mammy you may ask? Fair question and I will reply as briefly as I can, people who know me will know this is a hard task.

I am a 43 year old lady who is married to the lovely Law and step mammy to  Dylon, mammy to my superhero/princess daughter Hannah and mammy to Jessie the fur baby of the family. I'm also  heavenly mammy to my firstborn son Jacob who was born too soon and sadly returned to heaven once born.  Oh and I cant forget that now I am also Mad Step Granny to the beautiful boy Ezra that Chilena and Dylon introduced to the world this summer. A title I am so proud and delighted to have. Every member of this clan has caused me so much happy, sad and down right crazy episodes to date and I'm sure will continue to do so. That's the joys of parenting.

It was a few years ago as I love to write and was enjoying being a mammy after having gone through a tough pregnancy route to get there that I decided to blog about it. To begin with really I just wanted to record for my daughter so she would have  a journal to read back on when older of our journey to get her but also to record the funny, happy, sad and crazy times that parenting can be as a step mammy, mammy and fur mammy. I got such a good response from these blogs that it got me thinking if I compiled them into a book warts and all would it help people out there on different parts of their journey to becoming a mammy.

I believe that humour is the best armour in "mammyville". It helps you glide, navigate and survive the minefields that it entails.





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